Fringe back in January

The 16th Macao City Fringe Festival will be held in Macau between January 13 and 22, 2017, the Cultural Affairs Bureau (IC, in the Portuguese acronym) has announced.

Vhils launches mural on Camilo Pessanha

The artist Alexandre Farto, known by his tagline Vhils, opens on December 9 his first work in Macau: a mural outside the building of the Portuguese Consulate General in the territory featuring Camilo Pessanha.
Patane Library

The Patane Library is set to open

The Patane Library is to open in Macau, on December 9, 11 am. The three-story complex focuses on cinema and music, and includes a multimedia section to hold regular film screenings, concerts and other activities.


A busy artistic weekend

This is one of those busy weekends in Macau. Today, there's the launch of the mural made by the internationally acclaimed artist Vhils. During the course of the weekend, there are the events under the This is My City festival. In addition, there's the International Film Festival, plus the Sound and Image Challenge Internacional Festival and the Global Videos' screening. A very exciting weekend for the art scene.
Miss Violence

An intimate portrait on violence

It's a punch in the stomach, done with a very tight fist, very intensively and slowly, so as to hurt even more. Miss Violence, directed by Alexandros Navras, shows a particular angle on domestic violence, based on the daily life of an apparently — only if you're not paying close attention — happy family.

Water-gazing angels

Once upon a time there was a little hill in Southern China called Water-Gazing-Angel. The name had been given by her ancestors, a thousand times a thousand before men set foot on those lands.
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