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Charles Landry

Discussing creative cities

British keynote speaker Charles Landry, known as the innovator of the creative city concept, will be presenting a lecture under the topic Macao: A Culture of Ambition and Creativity as Catalysts for a Sustainable City, on October 30, 3 pm, at the Macao Science Centre Convention Hall.

Macau Book Forum in Lisbon

The Macau Bookworm's Association is launching the Macau Book Forum in Lisbon, to be held in the Portuguese capital city between October 24 and November 3.
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Culture attracts more residents

The number of Macao residents visiting museums or World Heritage sites increased by 19.1% year-on-year to 113,900 in the second quarter of 2016, a survey has showed.
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Carmen in Macau

Carmen, a dance adaptation of George Bizet’s masterpiece by National Dance Company of Spain, will be presented on November 4, at the Macao Cultural Centre (CCM, in the Portuguese acronym).

The sounds of the city

The mixed-media exhibition City Notes, by French visual artist Yves Etienne Sonolet will last unil September 18, at Macau Art Garden. The artist notes "there is a serious identity question about the specificity of this Macau, what will be left".

The good and the bad

The documentary film starts with a disturbing picture: a man posing with a baby girl in his arms, while holding a gun. The most disturbing part, however, comes next, when the man on the picture appears — much older — saying how that picture makes him feel: "Powerful. Protecting. That is my freedom."

Returning home

Almost 20 years later, she returned for good to her hometown and went back to Lilau. She saw the Portuguese pavement square, the rebuilt fountain and the yellow colonial type houses, most of which were empty. Her former house was still there, closed — pretty on the outside, but ruined, inside.
The Unwalled City

Taking down the walls

Hong Kong, 1995, two years before the handover to China. In The Unwalled City, Xu Xi captures real lives, dilemmas and ambiguities of Hong Kong people, set in an East meets West reality, and about to experience something that will alter their fate forever.
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