mART: Macau and Lisbon on the same page.

mART is an online, English-language cultural magazine aimed at promoting cultural exchange between two distant cities — Macau and Lisbon.



m for Macau.

mART is a Macau-based project. It firstly aims to cover the city’s growing cultural activity, as well as to provide reflections on current culture-related issues in Macau, through features and interviews.

mART also offers readers a regularly updated Macau cultural agenda, making it easier to find out what goes on in the city.



m for multicultural.

Macau’s centuries-old multicultural context has inspired us to go a step further, though.

In addition to contents about Macau, mART also publishes culture-related news, features and interviews about Lisbon. The goal is to broaden one’s horizons by sharing experiences, ideas and artworks from Macau and Lisbon — cities that somehow act as gateways to Asia and Europe, respectively.



m for magazine.

mART is a weekly online magazine with something new everyday.

Everyday we publish two News, as well as one of our daily Picks. On Monday, you get our weekly musical suggestion — a song, album, singer, band or concert. On Tuesday, we leave you with a reading suggestion — a book, article, essay or author. On Wednesday, we suggest an interesting place in Macau or in Lisbon. On Thursday, we pick a film for you — from fresh releases to classics, and anything in between. On Friday, we leave you with an idea for the weekend — anything is possible: the sky is the limit.

Once a week we publish a new feature story.

And we have a Newsletter.



m for more.

Since one of its aims is to promote cultural exchange between Macau and Lisbon, mART has its own online art gallery, called Showcase. Every three months we invite a group of artists — famous and less-known — from both cities to contribute with an art piece inspired on a topic provided by us. The image of that artwork will be exhibited in our Showcase gallery, reaching out to audiences in Macau and in Lisbon at the same time.