Luciana Leitão

Aerial Arts Association Macau2

Taking aerial arts to the streets

The Aerial Arts Association Macau is promoting a fund campaign to gather 30.000 patacas to purchase an outdoor aerial rigging structure, so as to be able to perform outdoors. Up until now, they have gathered 8.500 patacas.

Poetry Day dedicated to Cesariny

The World Poetry Day will be celebrated on March 25, from 2 pm to 7 pm, in Belém Cultural Centre (CCB, in the Portuguese acronym), Lisbon. There will be seve...

History of Macau in the making

The recently opened University of Macau's Centre for Chinese History and Culture aims at developing research as well as assist the younger generation to understand it, assisting in the development of audio, video and text material for classrooms, director Hao Yufan tells mART.
Image by Gonçalo Lobo Pinheiro

A cinema house to be cherished

I've always been intrigued by Cinema Alegria, as it keeps reminding me of lost times — times I didn't witness. Yet, even though the appearance is from the 1960s, it is fit with modern equipment to project in 3D.
Alfredo Cunha

Featuring a part of history

Tempo Depois do Tempo (Time After Time, in English) is an exhibition, taking place at Galeria Municipal Torreão Nascente da Cordoaria, until April 25, featuring more than 500 photographs by photojournalist Alfredo Cunha.
Sergio Godinho

Giving a “hug” to Sérgio Godinho

"It's two arms, it's two arms, they serve to give a hug, as well as four arms serve to give two hugs," the children sang, replicating the rhymes from the Canção dos Abraços (Song of Hugs). The cheerful voices in unison marked the beginning of the session, which took place on March 13, at the Portuguese School of Macau, under The Script Road — Macau Literary Festival.

A surreal tale on modern China

It is true that books are not measured by size. Yet, if the more than 600 pages of the novel Brothers, by Chinese author Hu Yua, can tell us anything is that, in this case, size equals excitement. This is a beautiful page turner, filled with precious details, rich language and style resources which add depth to the story.