Sofia Jesus


A weekend of Majik, and more

Music, watercolour and picture books — here is a menu for a weekend of magic: from two different concerts at Live Music Association (LMA) to a painting exhibition by Cai Guo Jie, and a picture book showcase under Taiwan Festival — Macau.

“Like water in the ground”

The third Taiwan Festival — Macau opens today. Taiwanese writer Lolita Hu, who is the event's director, tells mART how the initiative aims to bring people together and highlight the creativity of the new generations.

Mário Laginha Trio at Culturgest

The Mário Laginha Trio will be performing on April 19, at Culturgest, in the Portuguese capital, Lisbon. Portuguese jazz musician and composer Mário Laginha promises to offer "new music" to the audience, following a "tradition" he has built at the venue.

Macau through a bird’s eye

Macau-based artist Cai Guo Jie offers a fresh bird's eye view of Macau in his newly-opened watercolour painting exhibition. As he tells mART, the city's multiculturalism has been a source of inspiration.

Long-haul songs

Listen to the pena. It’s the first thing to notice on the latest collaboration project took up by Portuguese band Clã, joining one of the most acclaimed heritage singers from Northeast India state of Manipuri, Mangka.

The Religion of Humanity

The place: Brazil. The year: 2015. The action: the true, largely unknown story of Positivism in the South-American nation. Macau-based journalist Hugo Pinto has portrayed what’s left of the Religion of Humanity in the documentary The Last Religion (2015), and shared with mART what he has learned.

The magic of puppets

The 3rd Macau Puppet Festival features until April 15 the exhibition Asian Puppets, based on the collection of Macau-based artist Elisa Vilaça. It also includes several puppet shows to be held this weekend. Ms Vilaça talked to mART about her passion.

All about passion

The final countdown has begun. Macau's Cinemathéque — Passion will finally open tomorrow as a regular independent cinema house, starting what I hope will be years of joy for all cinema lovers in Macau.

Demolitions suspended at Lai Chi Vun

Further demolitions in Lai Chi Vun's old shipyards have been suspended, as Macau's Cultural Affairs Bureau opened today a procedure to assess whether the whole area should be classified and protected due to its cultural value.

Ideas for Lisbon

A total of 31 ideas for Lisbon has been submitted to the City Council under the programme LisBOAideia, which is part of the initiative Lisboa Participa, aimed at involving citizens in decisions regarding their city.