Sofia Jesus


The art feast next door

This time I invite you to take a ferry to our neighbouring region. Art Basel is being held in Hong Kong until tomorrow, Saturday, and you art lovers should definitely not miss it.

Sea me

There's a brave, independent princess-explorer; a self-absorbed tattooed semi-god; and a very dumb, annoying chicken. But what stroke me the most in Disney's feature animation Moana was the sea — so blue, so bright, so beautifully animated you could almost feel drops sprinkling out of the screen.

Music and theatre on Youth Week

Music, dance, theatre, performing arts and sport events will take place around the Portuguese capital, Lisbon, under the Youth Week 2017, which will take place between March 24 and 31.
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A talk on Macau and the Portuguese-speaking world

The International Institute of Macau (IIM) will be hosting a conference on the lusophone world and the importance of Macau to the International Lusophone Movement and the Nova Águia magazine, on March 31, 6 pm, at the Consulate General of Portugal in Macau and Hong Kong. The talk will be given by researcher Renato Epifânio.

Between us and words

To me, Welcome To Elsinore, by Mário Cesariny, is a poem about the power(lessness) of words: of what they say; of what they don't say; of what they can say but won't; of what they can't say but will.

True fairies at A Barraca

The children's play Fairies (Fadas, in Portuguese) is being staged at theatre A Barraca, in the Portuguese capital, Lisbon, every weekend until April 30.


Leslie Feist, once again back to the starting point of the cycle of songs, is issuing the successor to 2011 Metals. Pleasure, the new album, will be released on April 28, and an eponymous first single is already up for airplay.
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Percussion feast at Gulbenkian

The Percussion Festival will take place on Sunday, March 19, from 11 am, at Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, marking the world premiere of young Portuguese composer Sara Carvalho for vibraphone solo and audience.

Open call for diaries

The Portuguese non-profit association Arquivo dos Diários has launched the second edition of its annual competition Conta-nos E Conta Connosco (Tell us and you can count on us, in a free translation to English). The idea is to choose the best autobiographic memories.

The monster within

After watching A Monster Calls (2016), I was not only left crying, but also left unease, uncomfortable, as if punched in the stomach. For the truth the monster wants to grab hold of is too complex to grasp, too frightening to admit, and too real to feel.