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Paratissima in Lisbon

Some of Lisbon's historic neighbourhoods will be in an urban route of 2,5 kilometres featuring a large scale exhibition of contemporary art. It will be Paratissima's first edition in the city.
conversas sobre o livro macau bookworm's association

Bookworm is back

The Macau Bookworm's Association will officially resume its activity on March 2, 18h30, launching the series “Talks about the Book” at Rui Cunha Foundation. Researcher Tereza Sena will be the guest speaker.

New president for CCB

Elísio Summavielle is the new president of Belém Cultural Centre (CCB). Portugal's minister of Culture, João Soares, nominated him after dismissing the previous president, António Lamas.
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Fighting for comic talents

Maple Studio is a non-profit organisation established in 2005. It aims to promote the animation and comic sector in Macau, encouraging creators “to continuously create and become professional”.
piano music

José Cid wins prize

Portuguese singer, José Cid, received the Pedro Osório Music Award, given by the Portuguese Authors' Society. The prize was created to pay respects to the musician, deceased in 2012.
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Words in the Sky

Few books have made me sigh so much - and smile so much - as José Eduardo Agualusa's juvenile novel, A Vida no Céu, has. “It is a novel for youths and other dreamers.”
maboa liscau chauderlot creative macau

More than meets the eye

"Ma-boa Lis-cau" is the latest exhibition by Charles Chauderlot. The only artist to have been granted permission to paint in the restricted areas of the Forbidden City talks to mART about places and memories.
muted general

Will, instead of words

Route Arts Association’s play “Muted” humouredly portrayed scenes of the daily life of hearing-impaired people. It shows how, in communication, attitude is more important than language.