On dark times

Guns and Flowers, to be staged at Ox Warehouse on April 21 and 22, is an experimental theatre play that invites the audience to reflect on the issue of war and the gender bias around it, as the play's director and playwright, Hope Chiang, tells mART.
Macao Science Center

A perfect scenery

Macao Science Center is one of the few buildings done recently with a beautiful design that fits with the landscape and is of great added value for the community.

A photo tour through the city’s churches

The Macao Museum of Art (MAM) is organising a photography tour around the city's churches led by local photographer Chan Hin Io, on April 22. The tour, which serves as a class, is reserved for people registered as Friends of MAM.
The Game of Finger Worms

Reading for the young

I'm not recommending a book, but almost a concept. Hervè Tullet's books are all equally challenging, fun and creative, for those who wish to do joint activities with children, while promoting reading habits at the same time.

Lost in Time

Ever-so-often, techno delivers a prodigal son: an artist who seems to have an innate sensibility to the genre; someone who, for his talent as well as his attitude, feels like a game changer. Despite his yet short career and genuinely humble stance, Jonas Wedelstädt aka Parallx feels like the most recent contender to the position.

Macau Jazz Sunday Sessions keep on

Every Sunday, there is a jazz session taking place at Live Music Association (LMA), promoted by Jazz Club de Macau. It started on April 2 and it is expected to keep on, considering it has been having full house.

Getting to know China

The head of China Observatory, Rui Lourido, tells mART about the growing need to promote more of the Chinese culture in the lusophone space, considering the increase in economic investments worldwide.

A weekend of Majik, and more

Music, watercolour and picture books — here is a menu for a weekend of magic: from two different concerts at Live Music Association (LMA) to a painting exhibition by Cai Guo Jie, and a picture book showcase under Taiwan Festival — Macau.

“Like water in the ground”

The third Taiwan Festival — Macau opens today. Taiwanese writer Lolita Hu, who is the event's director, tells mART how the initiative aims to bring people together and highlight the creativity of the new generations.

Macau through a bird’s eye

Macau-based artist Cai Guo Jie offers a fresh bird's eye view of Macau in his newly-opened watercolour painting exhibition. As he tells mART, the city's multiculturalism has been a source of inspiration.