Long-haul songs

Listen to the pena. It’s the first thing to notice on the latest collaboration project took up by Portuguese band Clã, joining one of the most acclaimed heritage singers from Northeast India state of Manipuri, Mangka.

The Religion of Humanity

The place: Brazil. The year: 2015. The action: the true, largely unknown story of Positivism in the South-American nation. Macau-based journalist Hugo Pinto has portrayed what’s left of the Religion of Humanity in the documentary The Last Religion (2015), and shared with mART what he has learned.
Over the Fence

A weekend of openings and experiments

There's a lot to do this weekend. Firstly, Cinemathèque Passion is already opened and now showing Nobuhiro Yamashita's Over the Fence. Then, there's the opening of two exhibitions art Ox Warehouse. To top it all, there's a promising dance workshop.

The magic of puppets

The 3rd Macau Puppet Festival features until April 15 the exhibition Asian Puppets, based on the collection of Macau-based artist Elisa Vilaça. It also includes several puppet shows to be held this weekend. Ms Vilaça talked to mART about her passion.

A compelling series of secrets

Bloodline is one of those addictive television series, well constructed and shaped, that doesn't seem to let you breath, so involved are you in the plot. But it is not fast paced, it is slow, as storytelling should be.

All about passion

The final countdown has begun. Macau's Cinemathéque — Passion will finally open tomorrow as a regular independent cinema house, starting what I hope will be years of joy for all cinema lovers in Macau.
Ieong Man Pan

Macau after the gaming liberalisation

Ieong Man Pan's solo exhibition titled 99999 opens on March 30, 6.30 pm, at Creative Macau. It features 18 photographs in which the gaming chips appear intertwined with the reality, reflecting the "current state of Macau" in the artist's eyes.
Monstrinhos - Cover

All about being pure and fun

Once I encounter something fun, clever and really well-written, like Os Monstrinhos da Roupa Suja, which I read to my two-year old son, without feeling the need to explain, I feel relieved. Because stories are sometimes just stories, and there can be a party of stained and dirty clothes, running away from cleaning-freak mom.

Demolitions suspended at Lai Chi Vun

Further demolitions in Lai Chi Vun's old shipyards have been suspended, as Macau's Cultural Affairs Bureau opened today a procedure to assess whether the whole area should be classified and protected due to its cultural value.

The future looks bright

Upcoming this April 1, NORD 001 is likely to disappear from the stores as fast as it comes, a consequence of Shkedul’s growing reputation in the circle. It would also come as no surprise to see NORD LTD becoming a cult label in no time. Faith in underground techno restored.