The reality slap

After watching the ceremony, I couldn't avoid thinking on the politics involved. And I kept thinking that cinema, which should be all about dreams-come-true, is really nothing more than a mere illusion.
buildings by Bob Jagendorf

Rui Leão presides CIALP

Macau-based architect Rui Leão has been elected as President of The International Council of Portuguese Speaking Architects (CIALP). Architect Nuno Soares, also based in Macau, will be a member of the new Fiscal Council.
sunset macau

Of invisible places

Picture yourself on a boat, on a river. In this little spot, you can. I just hope I do not end up sitting there, looking for the girl with the sun in her eyes, only to find that she’s gone.

Paratissima in Lisbon

Some of Lisbon's historic neighbourhoods will be in an urban route of 2,5 kilometres featuring a large scale exhibition of contemporary art. It will be Paratissima's first edition in the city.
conversas sobre o livro macau bookworm's association

Bookworm is back

The Macau Bookworm's Association will officially resume its activity on March 2, 18h30, launching the series “Talks about the Book” at Rui Cunha Foundation. Researcher Tereza Sena will be the guest speaker.

New president for CCB

Elísio Summavielle is the new president of Belém Cultural Centre (CCB). Portugal's minister of Culture, João Soares, nominated him after dismissing the previous president, António Lamas.