From Lisbon

Casa Conveniente was founded in 1992.

Art in the debris

It was once considered one of the most dangerous neighbourhoods in the capital city of Portugal, Lisbon. Today, it is home for theatre group Casa Conveniente/Zona Não Vigiada.
Humberto Mouco

Lives in prison

The gatherings Vidas Prisionáveis (Lives in Prison) will continue this Wednesday, February 2, at Aljube Museum. The talks mean to gather testimonies from former political prisoners.

DocLisboa and Oscars

In its 14th edition, scheduled to occur between October 20 and 30, DocLisboa – the most important Portuguese festival dedicated to documentary – will have a new competition for films up to 40 minute long.
piano music

José Cid wins prize

Portuguese singer, José Cid, received the Pedro Osório Music Award, given by the Portuguese Authors' Society. The prize was created to pay respects to the musician, deceased in 2012.

Elderly hit streets

It ends today the workshop of urban art for the elderly [called LATA 65], at Penha de França, a neighbourhood in Lisbon. The workshop is teaching elderly urban art techniques.