From Lisbon


Tutankamon at Parque das Nações

The exhibition Tutankamon — Tesouros do Egipto (Tutankamon — Treasures from Egypt, in English) will be held from Saturday, January 21, to May 1, at Portugal's Pavilion, in Parque das Nações, in the Portuguese capital, Lisbon.

Suspensão at CCB

Suspensão is a performance, a concert and a musical choreography that will be staged on January 20 and 21 at Belém Cultural Centre, in the Portuguese capital, Lisbon.
photography lens

Their toilets

The photography exhibition My Toilet — Global Stories From Women and Girls will come to an end this month, at Roca Lisboa Gallery, in the Portuguese capital, Lisbon.

A live literary programme

Writer Frederico Lourenço and philosopher António de Castro Caeiro are the two guests for the first Obra Aberta (Open Work, in a free translation to English), taking place tomorrow, January 12, 6 pm. This is a literary programme recorded live at Belém Cultural Centre, Lisbon, in partnership with radio broadcaster Renascença.

On comedy

Tragédia + Tempo (Tragedy + Time, in a free translation to English) is a set of events related to comedy promoted by São Luiz Teatro Municipal, in the Portuguese capital, Lisbon. Portuguese comedians Bruno Nogueira e Ricardo Araújo Pereira are the programme's commissioners.

Lambchop at Maria Matos

Lambchop are coming to Portugal's capital, Lisbon, to present their album Flotus on January 17, at 10 pm, at Teatro Municipal Maria Matos.
Clube do Choro de Lisboa

Choro meetings in Lisbon

Clube do Choro de Lisboa (Lisbon's Choro Club, in a free translation to English) gathers every monday at Bartô, a bar in the approach to the castle, in Lisbon, to play and learn with other musicians eager to learn and exchange ideas about the Brazilian musical genre.

A the end of Paradise

The Monument to the Discoveries (Padrão do Descobrimentos, in Portuguese), in Portugal's capital Lisbon, will be hosting an exhibition by Mexican artist Demián Flores, from Saturday, January 7, to April 2.