Cinema, music and books

I would recommend three things this weekend: the activities scheduled under the Macao Library Week, Tajima Hal's live concert at Live Music Association (LMA) and the Macao Films Panorama programme taking place at Cinemathèque Passion.


Do this, do that. Find stability, keep stability. Follow. Join or else. Be like. Likewise. Like less. Keep it all in. Keep it all out. Don't think. Do thank. Have we all lost our minds?

Smaller is more

I understand the elderly situation and I do agree that some of the buildings, located in these historic neighbourhoods, must undergo some kind of renovation works. But is it really necessary to ask for the government to eliminate or change such height limits?

Flying a kite

It is a simple story. Of friendship. Of dreams that fly high. And of a Macau that teaches us all, day by day, the preciousness of having each other — no matter in what language or under what creed.

Certified and qualified lounge man

Thought all romantic kings of the singing lounges were long gone. Sigh. Dim the lights. Think again. Slicked back hair and heart on a sleeve, you’ll find Tame Impala’s bass man, Cameron Avery, on a solo yearning of late crooning love, part plaintive, part jump-on-my-ride innuendo, going through the tenets of blues and soul, R&B and rock.

When love threatens an Empire

The true tale told in A United Kingdom is truly inspiring. It exposes a rotten world of political intrigue, but it makes you believe in the power of love, and, most importantly, in the power of ideas — like those of justice and equality. It makes you dream, yes: not as much because it tells you this could happen, but mostly because it tells you it did.
Macao Science Center

A perfect scenery

Macao Science Center is one of the few buildings done recently with a beautiful design that fits with the landscape and is of great added value for the community.
The Game of Finger Worms

Reading for the young

I'm not recommending a book, but almost a concept. Hervè Tullet's books are all equally challenging, fun and creative, for those who wish to do joint activities with children, while promoting reading habits at the same time.

Lost in Time

Ever-so-often, techno delivers a prodigal son: an artist who seems to have an innate sensibility to the genre; someone who, for his talent as well as his attitude, feels like a game changer. Despite his yet short career and genuinely humble stance, Jonas Wedelstädt aka Parallx feels like the most recent contender to the position.

A weekend of Majik, and more

Music, watercolour and picture books — here is a menu for a weekend of magic: from two different concerts at Live Music Association (LMA) to a painting exhibition by Cai Guo Jie, and a picture book showcase under Taiwan Festival — Macau.