Monday sounds


Certified and qualified lounge man

Thought all romantic kings of the singing lounges were long gone. Sigh. Dim the lights. Think again. Slicked back hair and heart on a sleeve, you’ll find Tame Impala’s bass man, Cameron Avery, on a solo yearning of late crooning love, part plaintive, part jump-on-my-ride innuendo, going through the tenets of blues and soul, R&B and rock.

Lost in Time

Ever-so-often, techno delivers a prodigal son: an artist who seems to have an innate sensibility to the genre; someone who, for his talent as well as his attitude, feels like a game changer. Despite his yet short career and genuinely humble stance, Jonas Wedelstädt aka Parallx feels like the most recent contender to the position.

Long-haul songs

Listen to the pena. It’s the first thing to notice on the latest collaboration project took up by Portuguese band Clã, joining one of the most acclaimed heritage singers from Northeast India state of Manipuri, Mangka.

The future looks bright

Upcoming this April 1, NORD 001 is likely to disappear from the stores as fast as it comes, a consequence of Shkedul’s growing reputation in the circle. It would also come as no surprise to see NORD LTD becoming a cult label in no time. Faith in underground techno restored.


Leslie Feist, once again back to the starting point of the cycle of songs, is issuing the successor to 2011 Metals. Pleasure, the new album, will be released on April 28, and an eponymous first single is already up for airplay.
janice album

The women behind the music

Janice was one of last year’s best gifts to techno. It was music made with soul. Dark, raw, analogue sounding, sometimes with a dash of distorted trance, others with haunting vocals, each track creating its own particular space.

A song in the life

Stephin Merritt has turned 50 last year, in February, and has been working since on the release of a new album, 50 Song Memoir, which will be out on March 10, this Friday, as a 5-disc set, each standing for a decade on Magnetic Fields’ frontman life.
Outro Tempo

Outro Tempo

Outro Tempo: Electronic and Contemporary Music From Brazil 1978-1992 counts 17 tracks by obscure artists in the Brazilian scene.

From Kozelek with love

Mark Kozelek loves Portugal so much that he owns a record label named Caldo Verde. But there is no risk of that love going unexpressed, now that he has composed a quasi-hymn in praise for the country where the people don’t walk, they stroll, where drivers assume to crying to Sun Kil Moon’s songs and where the songwriter promises to retire and expresses the wish to have part of his ashes sprayed upon.


“Conceived within intimate spaces, baring the flaws and imperfections of physically performed material, by exasperating its resonance within enclosed environments,” as the label puts it, Chambers has the sort of rough realness that sets it apart from most of its contemporary productions. It is a set of eight tracks with fully charged anguish and a rebellious acceptance of the ever-shifting balance between order and chaos.
Real estate in mind

Just the looping sun

If you haven’t heard of Real Estate, know that they are into their fourth album by now, In Mind, which will be out on March 17. Aside from the first single, little is known of the ensuing tracks except that they aspire to conjure one of the most revered pop canons of all times, the Beatles’ Abbey Road, perhaps in no more than song structure, but still in a reminder of the enduring and endearing qualities of some simple things.