Monday sounds

Pan Daijing

A Satin Sight

With four tracks of true female-power realness, A Satin Sight and Pan Daijing’s defeat of the stereotype she was supposed to have fit in might just be the victory to inspire women around the world: the war against misogyny is not lost if we all do our part in breaking free from it.

Gaze up

There has always been music made for the skies, and progressive rock as shoegazing has been the popular devotion of our times for otherworldly things and spaces; for spacing out, too. But the 1990s rush to the stars still has gas to go, and far from having faded away it has regained the company of one of its best, Slowdive.
Northern Love

Northern Love

Ranging from ambient to industrial to downright dance floor techno, Varg’s music always feels it has been produced irrespective of there being a market to consume it. And it is precisely because it is so natural, so crude, so authentic that the whole industry consumes him so avidly.

More than unicorns

As we say bye to our 2016-blues, a new music year is just arriving in a stampede of unicorns, rainbows, characters dressed in vinyl, dragons, castles and matching paraphernalia. The grand entrance is that of Wayne Coyne and his Flaming Lips, due to release their first conventional record of new songs in three years on January 13, Oczy Mlody.

A shot of hope

As most of the world has gone through the yearly genocide on turkeys and personal bank accounts, and is now preparing a balance on a rather difficult year, I would like to propose a bullet-point be added to your 2017 resolution list: a white flag, extended to all sides of all conflicts regardless of your ideas and ideals.

Happy places

We should beware of acting on our wishful thoughts. Should one wish for new songs from The Jesus & Mary Chain? We shall be served.

Electronic Sounds From The Maui Jungle

Electronic Sounds From The Maui Jungle Vol.2, by Anthony Child, is a beautiful record that intentionally or not helps bridge the widening space between humans and nature. It pulls electronic music audiophiles — often too fully immersed in this post-industrialised digital society — away from the false idea that control is good, showing the inimitable value of chaos, and the spectacular melodic nature of Nature.
The Early Years

Everything before the Dark Side of the Moon

The early years of the Pink Floyd sound are those that preceded worldwide commercial success with The Dark Side of the Moon. These are framed in the period from 1967 to 1972, and are now served in a portentous box edition comprising 27 discs of studio outtakes, live recordings and formerly unreleased videos.
Image by Sérgio Rola

Sound and Silence

Autechre presented a nerve wracking performance where the absolute absence of sight made ways for a heightened sense of hearing. Turning off all the lights of the monumental venue that is the Kraftwerk in Berlin, in total pitch darkness, hundreds of people focused on the noises, and the silence between them.
noiserv album

A moviemaking piano

“The world has not yet stopped.” You can hear it in a foreign language (“O mundo ainda não parou”) in the voice of noiserv, Portuguese musician David Santos, in his most recent collection of songs, 00:00:00:00. The world may keep spinning in sometimes unpredictable and incoherent gyrations, yet a zeroed time code is the free frame of mind to set new pictures in motion, and perhaps an alternative story line.
Paul Johnson

House Orchids

Born in 1971 in south Chicago, the birthplace of house music, Paul Johnson knew from a young age he was not going to be just another anonymous witness of the movement that would change the music scene forever — he was going to help shape it.

In the groove

My Morning Jacket’s Jim James second solo venture is not only a tepid and languorous descent into R&B and funk, but the retrieving, too, of a catalogue of psychedelic rock effects and their vintage spacey atmospheres.