Monday sounds


God and an old Cohen

Life, the ever-unfinished business, may not suffice. We can anticipate. But Leonard Cohen’s You Want it Darker, coming out this week, is a gentle reminder from an 82-year old man, the great preacher of faith and lust, the former Buddhist monk that pursued consistently uncomfortable paths to find illumination.


Mondays are particularly prone to existential crisis — What am I doing here? What is the point of all this? What is time, and why is it going so slow now? But before there was this existential crisis on a global scale — certainly related to the boredom rising from opulence — before we became so cynical about everything, there was hope.

The love bot

Like a love letter from a satellite dish, like the lament of an algorithm, the synth of shuffled grieves, Bon Iver’s new 22, A Million is experience — a haunting one — through a digital strainer.


Sirens features six tracks true to Nicolas Jaar’s unique style: a slow-paced electronic background and jazz-inspired melodies intensified by field recordings, noise, and sampling, over which his voice often hums melancholically.

RIP Fabric

This week, sadly, drugs have claimed another life: this time that of London’s most revered nightclub Fabric. The club perished on the eve of September 6, after a month-long struggle to prove its commitment to anti-drug policies following the deaths of Ryan Browne and Jack Crossley inside the club due to “class A drugs intake”.

In the dark

Nick Cave is releasing a new album, Skeleton Tree, on September 9. It is a difficult object, full of discomfort and sadness, through which we are invited to sit together with the songwriter in utter darkness and feel his grief. The eight-song record comes after Cave’s loss of a child and directly addresses the tragedy.
The Divine Comedy

Domestic empires

Neil Hannon is making his comeback as The Divine Comedy. Foreverland, which will be released on September 2, is where he has ended up: a 12-track album with songs of praise and distaste for the distresses of domesticity wrapped in grand allusions to historical empires with characters just as large as life as it is, not more.
The Black Madonna Press Photo


When I first saw The Black Madonna at Panorama Bar last year, I was in awe. I would never have guessed that The Black Madonna was white, chubby, wore glasses and comfortable tracksuit pants with simple loose-fit white t-shirt.

Cass McCombs’ soulful turn

Former folk man of mystery, now a progressively more familiar musical staple – also less prone to be made fit to categories at this stage - Cass McCombs takes a soulful turn with Mangy Love, a new record to be out on August 26 with ANTI-, his newest label. It takes 12 tracks to get to know the full release, and by now the American songwriter has already made three of them public.
Boom_Festival__Boom_Festival  - 14


August is also synonym of summer festivals. Even though some of Portugal’s best festivals have already taken place, all three greatest festivals dedicated exclusively to electronic music take place in August.