Monday sounds

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Back to School

Adding to all those reasons that make May such a wonderful month is Shattered Streams, “an experiment in musical ephemerality, presenting original music from 31 artists throughout the month of May".

Life can be so nice

I decided to change the topic of this week’s Monday Sounds last minute not to mark the passing away of Prince, but rather to celebrate his life. Celebrators of life don’t come around so often nowadays. Prince was unquestionably one. From a very young age he seemed to have realised the gift of feeling and let his flow freely.
Rufus Wainright

The drama king

Rufus Wainwright’s new album, Take All My Loves, is yet again another operatic incursion in music. The disc, to be out on April 22, is a commemoration of the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death.
small Mogwai_AtomicArtwork

Dawning horror

“Atomic,” Mogwai’s latest studio album, portrays the dawn of the atomic age with Hiroshima’s bombings in 1945, and the dawning horror that resulted from the realisation of the devastating effects that killed hundreds of thousands.
Labareda II

Lisbon on fire

On March 31, at Lux Frágil, Lisbon, Labareda is about to launch a truly extraordinary piece: a double album featuring female Portuguese artists exclusively.
Pj Harvey

The reporter’s lyrics

An audience accustomed to seeing the British rocker reinvent herself aesthetically in every domain once a new record is out, will be surprised — perhaps disappointed — with the outcome of PJ Harvey's “The Hope Six Demolition Project”.
Are you Serious

Valleys of the young behind

Millennial independent rock coming to terms with parenthood could well be a phenomenon. This comes to mind as Andrew Bird’s “Are you Serious” tracks play in the background.
Jeff Bucckley

Sweet release

Almost 20 years on from Buckley’s drowning in Mississippi, Columbia Records, has retrieved one of his first studio sessions among its archives. It goes under the name “You and I”.
Mavis-Staples-Livin-On-A-High-Note 2

Stapled happiness

The latest release of ANTI-Records with gospel queen Mavis Staples, “Living on a High Note”, is greatly reminiscent of the 1960’s civil rights movement in the United States.

Painting at the beach

Everything tells us we’re spending summer with Painting With, by Animal Collective. They are finally reaching the beach, bound to claim the territory for themselves.