Coloane view

Who needs a lung?

A group of local citizens has started recently an initiative to halt the building of a 100-metre high building at one of the hills in the island of Coloane. They seem to be aware of how vital a lung is; and are willing to fight for it.
Native Speaker

An immigrant story

“Native Speaker” is the debut novel from Chang-rae Lee. And, even though the action is set in the 1990s, it is very much current — it is a story of an immigrant living in the US and all the identity issues at stake.
small Mogwai_AtomicArtwork

Dawning horror

“Atomic,” Mogwai’s latest studio album, portrays the dawn of the atomic age with Hiroshima’s bombings in 1945, and the dawning horror that resulted from the realisation of the devastating effects that killed hundreds of thousands.

Austrian Art in Macau

This weekend is your last chance to see “One Century of Austrian Art 1860-1960”, an exhibition featuring Austrian artists such as Gustav Klimt, Egon Schiele and Oskar Kokoschka.

A greener Sunday

Imagination exercise: "Macau will have a new public park in 2017, with a grass area the size of two football fields..." You imagine laying on the grass, under a tree, while your kids get dirty on the field, barefoot and all. “Freedom needs to be watered."

Four in three

There are two things that don’t come around often: talented contemporary writers from different origins writing about Macau; and literary works published at the same time in Portuguese, Chinese and English. "Four Ever" does both.
Labareda II

Lisbon on fire

On March 31, at Lux Frágil, Lisbon, Labareda is about to launch a truly extraordinary piece: a double album featuring female Portuguese artists exclusively.

Escobar’s story

By Luciana Leitão Over the years, his name has been repeated as a ruthless, merciless, ambitious and probably the most powerful drug dealer in history. Netflix...

The garden tale

There once was a boy, who knew nothing about flowers. There once was a cat, who knew nothing about flowers. There once was were some flowers, who seemed to know nothing. And they all lived in the same place: Lou Lim Ieoc garden.