Macau 5.0 gonçalo lobo pinheiro 88

Macau written with light

Macau 5.0, by photojournalist Gonçalo Lobo Pinheiro, made me travel. Not to the past. But to the future. A foggy future I cannot describe, but in which I would be somewhere else — or someone else — aching with saudade.
Pj Harvey

The reporter’s lyrics

An audience accustomed to seeing the British rocker reinvent herself aesthetically in every domain once a new record is out, will be surprised — perhaps disappointed — with the outcome of PJ Harvey's “The Hope Six Demolition Project”.
Lisa Fischer

Arty days

This weekend, two big events are closing — the Hong Kong Arts Festival, in the neighbouring region, and The Script Road - Macau Literary Festival. Do not miss it.
Patio da Ilusão

The bittersweet illusion

The yellow light pointed at it draws me inside, soon to realise that the name couldn't be more accurate. Illusion. Inside, at Pátio da Ilusão, there is nothing more than that decadent charm of the dusty, old and almost falling down buildings.

Without a sea view

Have you ever felt an urge to leave everything you’re doing to go start reading a specific book? I did, right after I heard young Brazilian writer Carol Rodrigues read a passage from her Sem Vista Para o Mar (Without a sea view, in English).
Are you Serious

Valleys of the young behind

Millennial independent rock coming to terms with parenthood could well be a phenomenon. This comes to mind as Andrew Bird’s “Are you Serious” tracks play in the background.
Macao orchestra

Music at the Mandarin’s

Hoping to attend a concert this weekend? Or are you just planning to stroll around one of Macau’s world heritage sites? You can have both at the this Saturday at the Mandarin's House.
Ivo M. Ferreira

Love in wartime

It is definitely one of the darkest periods of Portugal's history and it is beautifully depicted in Ivo M. Ferreira's film. “Letters of War” sets the action back in Angola, in the 1960s, when the former Portuguese colonies were fighting for independence.
2small leal senado

A sanctuary of books

With The Script Road in town, I couldn’t help to pick a library as a place to visit, for the importance of treasuring books keeps echoing in my head. The library of the Leal Senado building is home of a valuable collection and a sanctuary not to be missed.
Jeff Bucckley

Sweet release

Almost 20 years on from Buckley’s drowning in Mississippi, Columbia Records, has retrieved one of his first studio sessions among its archives. It goes under the name “You and I”.