Rota das Letras

A literary feast

This year it is by far the most ambitious programme of The Script Road - Macau Literary Festival. It starts this Saturday, bringing more than 40 artists to the city.

The reality slap

After watching the ceremony, I couldn't avoid thinking on the politics involved. And I kept thinking that cinema, which should be all about dreams-come-true, is really nothing more than a mere illusion.
sunset macau

Of invisible places

Picture yourself on a boat, on a river. In this little spot, you can. I just hope I do not end up sitting there, looking for the girl with the sun in her eyes, only to find that she’s gone.

A story of courage

Life and Death in Shanghai tells the story of Nien Cheng arrest during the Cultural Revolution, along with her imprisonment, the torture, release and persecution.
Mavis-Staples-Livin-On-A-High-Note 2

Stapled happiness

The latest release of ANTI-Records with gospel queen Mavis Staples, “Living on a High Note”, is greatly reminiscent of the 1960’s civil rights movement in the United States.

Passion for a day

Macau’s Cinematheque Passion will once again open its doors – for a day – to the general public. Some spaces of the new venue have been operating on an experimental stage.

In the Spotlight

Nominated for six Oscars, Spotlight does not have special effects or over-the-top photography, but it tells you an excellent story in a very simple way.
senado square

Macau in a square

Living in the most famous square of Macau, a city that welcomes around 30 million tourists a year, can be a love-and-hate affair.
agualusa small5

Words in the Sky

Few books have made me sigh so much - and smile so much - as José Eduardo Agualusa's juvenile novel, A Vida no Céu, has. “It is a novel for youths and other dreamers.”

Painting at the beach

Everything tells us we’re spending summer with Painting With, by Animal Collective. They are finally reaching the beach, bound to claim the territory for themselves.

Madonna for a few

No one can be indifferent to her. She is a singer, a dancer, a producer and one hell of a businesswoman. This weekend you can see her live in Macau. If your budget allows it.