The monster within

After watching A Monster Calls (2016), I was not only left crying, but also left unease, uncomfortable, as if punched in the stomach. For the truth the monster wants to grab hold of is too complex to grasp, too frightening to admit, and too real to feel.

This ship has not sailed

The demolition of structures in two lots of Lai Chi Vun's old shipyards, in Coloane — allegedly for safety reasons — has sparked feelings of nostalgia and loss among Macau citizens. Fortunately, it has also sparked action.

A surreal tale on modern China

It is true that books are not measured by size. Yet, if the more than 600 pages of the novel Brothers, by Chinese author Hu Yua, can tell us anything is that, in this case, size equals excitement. This is a beautiful page turner, filled with precious details, rich language and style resources which add depth to the story.
janice album

The women behind the music

Janice was one of last year’s best gifts to techno. It was music made with soul. Dark, raw, analogue sounding, sometimes with a dash of distorted trance, others with haunting vocals, each track creating its own particular space.
Old Court Building

Coming back to life

The court building dates back to 1951 and it originally housed government offices, as well as the judicial court and the administrative court. Today, it is being used to house temporary events or exhibitions. In the future, it will house the Macao Central Library.

A trip inside you

We live in contradicting times: technology allows you to express thoughts and emotions anytime anywhere, and yet it seems we are spending less time showing one another how we really feel, hugs and all, emojis aside.

A song in the life

Stephin Merritt has turned 50 last year, in February, and has been working since on the release of a new album, 50 Song Memoir, which will be out on March 10, this Friday, as a 5-disc set, each standing for a decade on Magnetic Fields’ frontman life.

A literary banquet

Get your notebook ready because this is a weekend in full, with the beginning of the Macau Literary Festival and a new exhibition in Casa Garden.
Manchester by the sea

A trapped man

Deep, emotional and yet, even though the story had everything to be all the way depressing, comical, in a very dark way. Believable, as good cinema should be.