Dear mom

De Mim Já Nem Se Lembra ([He/She] does not even remember me anymore, in a free translation to English) is a beautiful epistolary novel by Brazilian awarded writer Luiz Ruffato that takes us back to Brazil in the 1970s.
Outro Tempo

Outro Tempo

Outro Tempo: Electronic and Contemporary Music From Brazil 1978-1992 counts 17 tracks by obscure artists in the Brazilian scene.

Don’t blow it, the starman said

A voice on the radio told me there was "a starman waiting in the sky," who would "like to come and meet us," but "he thinks he'd blow our minds". It wasn't David, but the lady borrowing his words and melody still warmed my heart as I drove downhill this morning.

A big question mark

The Trial, by Franz Kafka, is one of the best books ever written. It starts with questions and it leaves you without answers. It fails to define the clear boundaries between fiction and reality, and it leaves you utterly and purposely confused. As life does.

From Kozelek with love

Mark Kozelek loves Portugal so much that he owns a record label named Caldo Verde. But there is no risk of that love going unexpressed, now that he has composed a quasi-hymn in praise for the country where the people don’t walk, they stroll, where drivers assume to crying to Sun Kil Moon’s songs and where the songwriter promises to retire and expresses the wish to have part of his ashes sprayed upon.

A play and a guided tour

This is one of those good weekends for the arts' sector. I would like to highlight two events: first, the theatre play Made in Macau 2.0. Secondly, the guided tour to José Drummond's solo exhibition I'm too sad to tell you, hosted by the artist himself.
The 20th century women

A journey of self-discovery

Set in the 1970s, 20th Century Women also covers with subtlety the historic time in the US, through the music, the moments and the struggles. The characters are deep, well thought out, profound. The film moves us deeply, as we move into the lives of this fantastic quintet.

An ode to Azores

By Sofia Jesus Antonio Tabucchi's Mulher de Porto Pim e Outras Histórias (Woman of Porto Pim and Other Stories, in a free translation to English) is a quite or...