“Conceived within intimate spaces, baring the flaws and imperfections of physically performed material, by exasperating its resonance within enclosed environments,” as the label puts it, Chambers has the sort of rough realness that sets it apart from most of its contemporary productions. It is a set of eight tracks with fully charged anguish and a rebellious acceptance of the ever-shifting balance between order and chaos.

Last chance for Change of Times

Today is the last day you have to see Eric Fok's latest solo exhibition. Change of Times is being held at IFT Café, at Anim'Arte NAM VAN. The showcase is inspired in the Nam Van area, where there were once traditional sailing boats.

A poetic view on identity

Moonlight is the film of the year. It breaks boundaries, it tells a beautiful story, it tells a real story. It communicates with all of us. It is about the search for identity and how it takes time to find it.
The Lover

Duras’ autobiographical romance

The Lover is a story about love, feelings, ambiguities and how nothing is black and white, how love is definitely not black and white, but instead it has all these different colours, sometimes intertwined, just to create confusion. It is a real story.
Real estate in mind

Just the looping sun

If you haven’t heard of Real Estate, know that they are into their fourth album by now, In Mind, which will be out on March 17. Aside from the first single, little is known of the ensuing tracks except that they aspire to conjure one of the most revered pop canons of all times, the Beatles’ Abbey Road, perhaps in no more than song structure, but still in a reminder of the enduring and endearing qualities of some simple things.

Beauty for a dream

The rehabilitation of the old dock mechanical room and its convertion to an exhibition venue is a work the city should be proud of. I just hope more can follow soon. As for Mr Kwok, I couldn't miss him more.

Saroo, the lion

It has a few nominations to the Oscars, even though it doesn't seem a serious contender, just because it doesn't seem Hollywood style. Lion, by Garth Davis, tells the true story of a five-year-old Indian boy who gets lost on the streets of Calcutta. Adopted by a couple in Australia, 25 years later he will try to find his lost family. It is an incredibly painful story, which doesn't even seem possible, but it is. This does happen and it is scary.
Image by Sérgio Rola

Keep still, Coloane

There is a place in Macau that remains the same. Time goes by and the fishermen are still there, unaware. Time goes by and the boats are still there, unaware. The old men are there, even though they were once young. The landscape in front keeps changing, but, from that side of the river, it is all still the same. That place is Coloane village.

Homeless hearts

The author sets the tone of the novel in a two-line warning printed in a blank page at the beginning of the book: "A detective story, as everyone knows, has its rules. This one hasn't." Longe de Manaus (Far From Manaus, in a free translation to English), by Portuguese writer Francisco José Viegas, is also called "the novel of Portuguese loneliness".

A truthful Jackie

Being a popular figure for the Americans, it would be easy enough to fall into the loving-widow-simplistic view. Yet, Pablo Larraín, is far from it — in the film Jackie he shows a multi-layered dimension on the American's historic first lady.