Thursday screen


The mysterious Julieta

Julieta, the latest film by Pedro Almodovar, is a melodrama about an estranged mother and daughter. It sounds simple, yet the story is complicated, dense, emotional, surprising and even mysterious. A story that reveals the Spanish director's rare insight about women.
wim wenders

Angels and coffee

There is something about rubbing my hands together and drinking coffee that makes me feel truly alive. And truly in love. I only realised it when Wim Wenders whispered it to me subtly, many years ago, through his angels.
Miss Peregrine Home for Peculiar Children

The unbelievable turned believable

It is an enchanted story in a supernatural world, with the particular touch of Tim Burton. Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children is an adaptation of the supernatural book written by Ranson Riggs, leading us into an adventurous and sometimes terrifying world.

A political satire

The question under which the whole plot lies is plain and simple: what does the vice-president of the US really do? Veep features Julie Louis-Dreyfus as Selina Meyer, a former senator who accepted the position of vice-president, but who ends up realising it is nothing like she had imagined.

The good and the bad

The documentary film starts with a disturbing picture: a man posing with a baby girl in his arms, while holding a gun. The most disturbing part, however, comes next, when the man on the picture appears — much older — saying how that picture makes him feel: "Powerful. Protecting. That is my freedom."
Cafe Society

The Woody Allen romance

Cafe Society may not be Woody Allen's best film, but it is still worth it. Set in the 1930s, it is a story about a couple that meets in Hollywood, amid the decadent life of the stars, and that eventually does all the wrong choices. The story is simple, sweet and, in a certain way, original. Yet, something seems to be missing.

On walls

A friend of mine described it as "cinema that jumps over the wall". He was right. Le Havre (2011), by Aki Kaurismäki, breaks prejudice — on migration, on elderly, on police even — and brings humanity back to Europe.
The Lobster

The couple kingdom

Picture a society of couples, in which singles are not allowed. Those who do not fit in are turned into animals, as punishment. This is the summarised plot of The Lobster, a strange, dark and surreal comedy.

On human stories

Funny; moving; out of the box. Orange Is the New Black, created by Jenji Kohan, takes you on a flashback-journey through the amazing lives of women who share mainly one thing in common: they are doing time in jail.
The Jungle Book

A trip down memory lane

This is Disney's third attempt at a version of The Jungle Book and, for me, the best one. The one that brings us closer to the characters, suffering with Raksha, believing in Mogway, learning with Bagheera and laughing with Baloo.

Holding on to a tree branch

The plot is implausible. The acting is not. Tallulah (2016), by Sian Heder, is a melting pot of extreme characters and emotions. It is a comedy, a drama and a little bit of a thriller altogether. About family — the one you have; the one you pick; the you one you wish you hadn't pick; and the one that falls on your lap.