Thursday screen

Stranger Things

An ode to pop culture

What if I told you there is a new web series with a touch of X-Files and Stand by Me, combined with David Lynch and Spielberg's influence? There is and it's called Stranger Things. Set in the 1980s, the web series tells the story of a government cover-up of a scientific research gone-bad. Exciting, scary and addictive, to say the least.

Soul-saving music

Some films about bands bore me. Sometimes I get tired of the self-destruction trip; others I get annoyed with the fairy-tale plot. Begin Again (2013), by John Carney, could have lost me through the latter — but it didn't.

The world’s biggest flower

This beautiful story reminds us that all actions have consequences, that good attracts good, and that the most amazing things in life – like the world's biggest flower – can be achieved with such simple, unselsfish gestures. Like carrying water in your own hands to save another living being.
The Club

A club for priests

The Club is a good film — provocative and sometimes disturbing, leading you to almost feel disgust for the characters, mixed with contempt and, in some occasions, some kind of sympathy, once you come across with their humanity.

Outside the circle

To me, When Marnie Was Here is breathtaking not that much for the plot but for the magic, melancholic world it projects through the technical mastery of the animation, with its amazing landscapes and wonderful details. Another work of art by Studio Ghibli.
Queen of Desert

The Queen Nicole

Gertrude Bell was a traveler, writer, archaeologist, cartographer and a political diplomat for the British at the beginning of the XX century. Queen of Desert, by Werner Herzog, tells the story of this amazing woman, who fell in love with the Middle Eastern world, and was one of the few Westerners able to really penetrate it.

Three days of Portuguese cinema

Today I didn't pick a film for you — I picked nine for us to discover. Macau's Cinemathéque Passion will exhibit this weekend a cycle of Portuguese cinema. The initiative is part of a cultural programme aimed at celebrating, in Macau, Portugal's national day (June 10) throughout June.

Janis by Cat

Janis: Little Girl Blue is a documentary telling the story of Janis Joplin, in a subtle and elegant way, leading us into the psyche and life of a true legend, without dwelling into her more private thoughts.
animation o menino e o mundo by Alê Abreu

Poetry in motion

No words; no 3D; no wonder it was nominated for an Oscar and has been awarded in more than 40 film festivals worldwide. The Boy and the World (2013) is a lot more than an animation film: it is pure poetry in motion.