Thursday screen



Truth, by James Vanderbilt, is a drama about power. About the power of politics and large media corporations, the power of journalism, and how the first took over the latter.

Macau from above

Flying Over Macau, a beautiful footage by filmmaker Sérgio Perez, showed me a Macau I had never seen before. And it made me think how the city’s future social-economic development could benefit from a bird’s eye view.

Escobar’s story

By Luciana Leitão Over the years, his name has been repeated as a ruthless, merciless, ambitious and probably the most powerful drug dealer in history. Netflix...
Ivo M. Ferreira

Love in wartime

It is definitely one of the darkest periods of Portugal's history and it is beautifully depicted in Ivo M. Ferreira's film. “Letters of War” sets the action back in Angola, in the 1960s, when the former Portuguese colonies were fighting for independence.

The reality slap

After watching the ceremony, I couldn't avoid thinking on the politics involved. And I kept thinking that cinema, which should be all about dreams-come-true, is really nothing more than a mere illusion.

In the Spotlight

Nominated for six Oscars, Spotlight does not have special effects or over-the-top photography, but it tells you an excellent story in a very simple way.