Tuesday reads


Flying a kite

It is a simple story. Of friendship. Of dreams that fly high. And of a Macau that teaches us all, day by day, the preciousness of having each other — no matter in what language or under what creed.
The Game of Finger Worms

Reading for the young

I'm not recommending a book, but almost a concept. Hervè Tullet's books are all equally challenging, fun and creative, for those who wish to do joint activities with children, while promoting reading habits at the same time.
Monstrinhos - Cover

All about being pure and fun

Once I encounter something fun, clever and really well-written, like Os Monstrinhos da Roupa Suja, which I read to my two-year old son, without feeling the need to explain, I feel relieved. Because stories are sometimes just stories, and there can be a party of stained and dirty clothes, running away from cleaning-freak mom.

Between us and words

To me, Welcome To Elsinore, by Mário Cesariny, is a poem about the power(lessness) of words: of what they say; of what they don't say; of what they can say but won't; of what they can't say but will.

A surreal tale on modern China

It is true that books are not measured by size. Yet, if the more than 600 pages of the novel Brothers, by Chinese author Hu Yua, can tell us anything is that, in this case, size equals excitement. This is a beautiful page turner, filled with precious details, rich language and style resources which add depth to the story.

A trip inside you

We live in contradicting times: technology allows you to express thoughts and emotions anytime anywhere, and yet it seems we are spending less time showing one another how we really feel, hugs and all, emojis aside.

Dear mom

De Mim Já Nem Se Lembra ([He/She] does not even remember me anymore, in a free translation to English) is a beautiful epistolary novel by Brazilian awarded writer Luiz Ruffato that takes us back to Brazil in the 1970s.

A big question mark

The Trial, by Franz Kafka, is one of the best books ever written. It starts with questions and it leaves you without answers. It fails to define the clear boundaries between fiction and reality, and it leaves you utterly and purposely confused. As life does.

An ode to Azores

By Sofia Jesus Antonio Tabucchi's Mulher de Porto Pim e Outras Histórias (Woman of Porto Pim and Other Stories, in a free translation to English) is a quite or...
The Lover

Duras’ autobiographical romance

The Lover is a story about love, feelings, ambiguities and how nothing is black and white, how love is definitely not black and white, but instead it has all these different colours, sometimes intertwined, just to create confusion. It is a real story.

Homeless hearts

The author sets the tone of the novel in a two-line warning printed in a blank page at the beginning of the book: "A detective story, as everyone knows, has its rules. This one hasn't." Longe de Manaus (Far From Manaus, in a free translation to English), by Portuguese writer Francisco José Viegas, is also called "the novel of Portuguese loneliness".
bukowski ship book

Bukowski’s last words

The Captain is Out for Lunch and the Sailors Have Taken Over the Ship is real. It is Bukowski at his best, or at his worst, depending on where you stand.