Tuesday reads

I am Istanbul

I am Istanbul

Istanbul seems now different from the one I met six years ago. And so I prefer to think of it as in Buket Uzuner's book. "I am Istanbul, city of cities, mistress of metropolises, community of poets, seat of emperors, favorite of sultans, pearl of the world! And of all the world's cities, I am without a doubt the most magnificent," she writes. Let's not forget that.
Lin Kai Temple by Chio Sio Chi

Macau in thin oil

Macau is full of wonderful details that have inspired countless artists over countless years. And yet I do not get tired of rediscovering those little details every time I find them touched by the mastery of an artist. Like with Chio Sio Chi.
This is how you lose her

Stories of loss

With the action set in the latin reality, Junot Díaz uses an intense language, bringing rhythm and colour into the prose. How You Lose Her is a collection of nine short stories about love, sadness, women and men.

A city on sketch

In Lisbon Sketchbook, you will find an urban landscape made of open views as well as of little details. And people. You will find narrow streets, churches' tops, trams under a wire network, outdoor stairs going up a hill, and wine glasses on tables in outdoor terraces facing the cultural heritage.
Kazuo Ishiguro

A butler’s inner life

The Remains of the Day is Kazuo Ishiguro's — a British-Japanese author — masterpiece. Brilliantly written, It's a beautiful profile of the lives of many others in old Britain.
tree water reflection

The other side

Jesusalém, a story of love and friendship, faith and redemption, makes us reflect deeply on human condition and on the power of memories. And it made me think how sometimes we need to forget in order to learn — or perhaps to go a little crazy to stay sane.

Bukowski’s Women

Women, by Charles Bukowski, features his semi-autobiographical character Henry Chinaski. It's about women and his obsession with having many women. His inability to think beyond short-term pleasure. His dissatisfaction with the many women he encounters.
disquiet lisbon

Disquiet Lisbon

As Lisbon's unique light coloured buildings and people of happiness alike this afternoon, I thought of recommending you a book that would tell you about the city as uniquely and beautifully. And who but Pessoa would do it better?
Snow Country

Doomed love

It's a story of love, peaceful yet doomed love, between a wealthy dilettante and a geisha. Set in Japan, at an isolated mountain hot spring, Snow Country is usually considered Nobel Prize-winner Yasunari Kawabata's masterpiece.

Gazing at dragon-flies

Illusion may be the form the most secret realities acquire in the eyes of the common, one of Marguerite Yourcenar's story-telling characters said, in Oriental Tales. When was the last time you gazed at a dragon-fly?

Giving voice to women

Written by the famous Chinese journalist and historian Xinran, The Good Women of China serves as a good introduction to the Cultural Revolution, showing real stories of women who faced its ordeals.
flowers in the wind

In plain wind

Viver em Pleno Vento (To Live in Plain Wind, in English) is a bilingual edition — in Portuguese and Chinese — that gathers a collection of 60 poems written by acclaimed Portuguese poet Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen.