Tuesday reads


Book your book day

Macau is celebrating its library week, following the World Book Day on April 23, but the feast lasts a lot more than seven days. In addition to the book exchange programme and book fairs held in various public libraries across the city, there will also be shows, seminars and workshops seminars aimed at promoting reading habits among the younger generations.
The Flying Island_p

A guide to Pico

The Flying Island is a solitary trip to Pico, discovering another world. It's almost a poetic travel, inside someone else's mind. When I arrived in Pico, I immediately understood the literary pulse coming from the book, as it is the same one emanating from the island.
a mae que chovia 2

The son of rain

José Luís Peixoto's debut in children's book tells the story of a boy, son of the rain, who has to learn how to share his mother with the rest of the world. A story on unconditional love that made me think as much about eternity as about ephemerality.
Native Speaker

An immigrant story

“Native Speaker” is the debut novel from Chang-rae Lee. And, even though the action is set in the 1990s, it is very much current — it is a story of an immigrant living in the US and all the identity issues at stake.

Four in three

There are two things that don’t come around often: talented contemporary writers from different origins writing about Macau; and literary works published at the same time in Portuguese, Chinese and English. "Four Ever" does both.
Macau 5.0 gonçalo lobo pinheiro 88

Macau written with light

Macau 5.0, by photojournalist Gonçalo Lobo Pinheiro, made me travel. Not to the past. But to the future. A foggy future I cannot describe, but in which I would be somewhere else — or someone else — aching with saudade.

Without a sea view

Have you ever felt an urge to leave everything you’re doing to go start reading a specific book? I did, right after I heard young Brazilian writer Carol Rodrigues read a passage from her Sem Vista Para o Mar (Without a sea view, in English).

A story of courage

Life and Death in Shanghai tells the story of Nien Cheng arrest during the Cultural Revolution, along with her imprisonment, the torture, release and persecution.
agualusa small5

Words in the Sky

Few books have made me sigh so much - and smile so much - as José Eduardo Agualusa's juvenile novel, A Vida no Céu, has. “It is a novel for youths and other dreamers.”