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Smaller is more

I understand the elderly situation and I do agree that some of the buildings, located in these historic neighbourhoods, must undergo some kind of renovation works. But is it really necessary to ask for the government to eliminate or change such height limits?
Macao Science Center

A perfect scenery

Macao Science Center is one of the few buildings done recently with a beautiful design that fits with the landscape and is of great added value for the community.
Over the Fence

A weekend of openings and experiments

There's a lot to do this weekend. Firstly, Cinemathèque Passion is already opened and now showing Nobuhiro Yamashita's Over the Fence. Then, there's the opening of two exhibitions art Ox Warehouse. To top it all, there's a promising dance workshop.

All about passion

The final countdown has begun. Macau's Cinemathéque — Passion will finally open tomorrow as a regular independent cinema house, starting what I hope will be years of joy for all cinema lovers in Macau.
Image by Gonçalo Lobo Pinheiro

A cinema house to be cherished

I've always been intrigued by Cinema Alegria, as it keeps reminding me of lost times — times I didn't witness. Yet, even though the appearance is from the 1960s, it is fit with modern equipment to project in 3D.

This ship has not sailed

The demolition of structures in two lots of Lai Chi Vun's old shipyards, in Coloane — allegedly for safety reasons — has sparked feelings of nostalgia and loss among Macau citizens. Fortunately, it has also sparked action.
Old Court Building

Coming back to life

The court building dates back to 1951 and it originally housed government offices, as well as the judicial court and the administrative court. Today, it is being used to house temporary events or exhibitions. In the future, it will house the Macao Central Library.

Don’t blow it, the starman said

A voice on the radio told me there was "a starman waiting in the sky," who would "like to come and meet us," but "he thinks he'd blow our minds". It wasn't David, but the lady borrowing his words and melody still warmed my heart as I drove downhill this morning.