Wednesday site

Image by Sérgio Rola

Keep still, Coloane

There is a place in Macau that remains the same. Time goes by and the fishermen are still there, unaware. Time goes by and the boats are still there, unaware. The old men are there, even though they were once young. The landscape in front keeps changing, but, from that side of the river, it is all still the same. That place is Coloane village.
Protestant Cemetery

A peaceful site

Hidden, almost as if it were a secret. There is an old protestant cemetery, close to Camões Garden, in the vicinity of Casa Garden. It is empty, spacious and simple. Fang has been its caretaker for more than 30 years.

Hall of the soothing winds

Once upon a time, in Macau, families of Portuguese sailors gathered on the the front steps of St. Lawrence's Church, which then overlooked the sea. They prayed for their loved ones' return. That is how the place got named Feng Shun Tang (Hall of the Soothing Winds).

A night on the way to the castle

It's raining. I step carefully in the pavement. I slip. I move faster, because rain in Lisbon is not the same as in Macau. It's cold. But then I stop to look around: the light, the view, the buildings with tiled façades reflecting the perfect light — they are all there. I smile.

Defocus — A Christmas carol

Lee's eyes were made of snow. For when she was born, one Christmas Eve, St. Nicholas's reindeers had dropped a bag of frozen, starry water that covered all mountains and sea in Macau, casting a spell on all new-borns. Or so her mother kept telling her since she was little.

Water-gazing angels

Once upon a time there was a little hill in Southern China called Water-Gazing-Angel. The name had been given by her ancestors, a thousand times a thousand before men set foot on those lands.
Image by IC

The exuberant Kun Iam

I wouldn't call it one of the prettiest buildings in the city, but I would definitely call it one of the most iconic ones, even though fairly recent. The Kun Iam Ecumenical Centre features a stylised bronze statue of the Kun Iam, on a man-made island in the outer harbor, drawing attentions to an otherwise grey area.

In a dream

In the middle of the city centre, right next to one of the most emblematic sites of the city, Ruins of Saint Paul, lies one of the most beautiful treasures: Macau's very own Cinemathèque. It opens only on rare occasions, whenever there are specific festivals or events, but there is someone who is using it on a daily basis, without anyone noticing it.
Image by IC

The lake monster

In the most beautiful place in the city, Casa Garden, there is a lake that never sleeps. Bellow the water, lies a monster. It breaths bellow, waiting for the night to come. When it does, he comes to the surface.