Weekend break


Cinema, music and books

I would recommend three things this weekend: the activities scheduled under the Macao Library Week, Tajima Hal's live concert at Live Music Association (LMA) and the Macao Films Panorama programme taking place at Cinemathèque Passion.

A weekend of Majik, and more

Music, watercolour and picture books — here is a menu for a weekend of magic: from two different concerts at Live Music Association (LMA) to a painting exhibition by Cai Guo Jie, and a picture book showcase under Taiwan Festival — Macau.

The art feast next door

This time I invite you to take a ferry to our neighbouring region. Art Basel is being held in Hong Kong until tomorrow, Saturday, and you art lovers should definitely not miss it.

A play and a guided tour

This is one of those good weekends for the arts' sector. I would like to highlight two events: first, the theatre play Made in Macau 2.0. Secondly, the guided tour to José Drummond's solo exhibition I'm too sad to tell you, hosted by the artist himself.

Last chance for Change of Times

Today is the last day you have to see Eric Fok's latest solo exhibition. Change of Times is being held at IFT Café, at Anim'Arte NAM VAN. The showcase is inspired in the Nam Van area, where there were once traditional sailing boats.

Beauty for a dream

The rehabilitation of the old dock mechanical room and its convertion to an exhibition venue is a work the city should be proud of. I just hope more can follow soon. As for Mr Kwok, I couldn't miss him more.

A weekend for feelings

Today, January 20, it's time to check artist José Drummond's solo exhibition I'm Too Sad to Tell You's opening, at Orient Foundation. In addition, this weekend don't miss the opportunity for the opening of the third cycle of cinema of Mozambique at Rui Cunha Foundation.

Fringe: a weekend in full

Fringe is back. The arts festival started yesterday and will offer dance, theatre and interactive performances until January 22. "A Feast of Creativity — Bon Appétit" is this year's theme.