Weekend break


LMA’s reconstruction party

It's not just a party. It means hope for one of the few venues for the alternative music scene in the territory. Live Music Association's Reconstruction Closing Party Time takes place today, January 6, starting from 10 pm, just in time to save your weekend.

Welcoming 2017

In the last weekend of the year, it is only natural many of you don't really care what will be on during daytime. You will probably be spending your Saturday preparing for your New Year's Eve special dinner and party, and your Sunday recovering from them.

Cinema, dance and painting

The overlapping artistic festivals are over. Still, there are a couple of things happening in the city, which are definitely worth attending, this weekend. I would highlight the Rollout Dance Film Festival, Macau Arts Salon's opening as well as Comuna de Han-Ian's screening of two Asian films at Cinemathèque Passion.

A busy artistic weekend

This is one of those busy weekends in Macau. Today, there's the launch of the mural made by the internationally acclaimed artist Vhils. During the course of the weekend, there are the events under the This is My City festival. In addition, there's the International Film Festival, plus the Sound and Image Challenge Internacional Festival and the Global Videos' screening. A very exciting weekend for the art scene.

All in

You know those weekends when it seems nothing interesting is going on in Macau? Well, this is definitely not one of them. There is live music, a concert-theatre and ballet, just to name a few. The challenge? Trying to squeeze them all in your schedule.
music sheet

Let the music take control

Prepare to dance, sing or simply listen to a multiplicity of sounds, as you finish yet again a week's work. You can either choose between the 5th Macau Jazz Week Opening concert, the Sacred Music Festival opening, or, for the more daring ones, the Clockenflap — Hong Kong Music and Arts Festival, one-hour ferry away.

The final frontiers

This weekend there is still video art in the horizon. So, this Saturday, head to Casa Carden for the screening of one of the gems in this year's edition of Macau's own international video art festival VAFA — Video Art For All.

A feast of video, art and literature

This is a good weekend, filled with interesting events, to appease the minds of those who often complain of not having enough of those here. There's Konstantin Bessmertny's guided tour to his latest exhibition, the screening of The Feast Of Trimalchio and Allegoria Sacra by the russian collective AES+F and the Hong Kong International Literary Festival.
Lusofonia Festival

A weekend of gatherings

This weekend is easy for me to write about, as it's time for one of the most awaited events of the year: the Lusofonia Festival. It features music, dance, gastronomy and lots of other activities from the Portuguese-speaking countries and regions. It is a great opportunity to learn more about the cultures of the different Portuguese-speaking countries, but it is also a good chance to meet different people, regardless of their origin/nationality.