Weekend break


Film, music, books

Great news for film lovers this weekend, with the first edition of KINO Film Festival in Macau starting tomorrow, Saturday, October 8, at Cinematheque — Passion. But there's more to look forward this weekend, with a concert by Jaron Freeman-Fox and his band The Opposite of Everything, tomorrow, at LMA, and a talk on Borget and Balzac, today, at the Portuguese Bookshop.

Countdown weekend

As the countdown begins for an October full of music and cinema in Macau, I suggest you take some time off this quiet little weekend to see some exhibitions that are close to an end, and get energised for the month ahead.
Imagined Communities

The mid-autumn weekend

It's the mid-autumn festival and a long weekend for Macau people. It's the mid-autumn festival and a long weekend for Macau people. Paper lanterns abound and mooncakes are distributed everywhere — it's time to go outside, head to Coloane and enjoy the scenery. In what the art scene is concerned, this is a relatively slow weekend, but there are still a couple of events worthy of notice.

Music, music, music

Music lovers of different kinds will possibly have their moment this weekend in Macau, as there is a lot going on. At the cultural centre, in clubs, in yoga studios or even outdoors.

A weekend for the arts

For a city of this size, a classical music concert combined with the opening of an exhibition, a book launch, performances, is already a good weekend for the arts. This weekend, we have it all, plus the Latin American Festival.
doll dancing

On screen and on stage

This weekend I recommend you to take some time off to discover a few talented people — local and non-local; on stage and on screen. The first is the Work in Progress series promoted by the recently launched local cultural association White Space, while the latter is the screening of Kaili Blues, by Bi Gan, hosted by local cart group Comuna de Han-Ian.
Water Poon

The regions combined

God never closes a door without opening a window, they usually say. You can replace god by whatever entity/being or expression you like, but this is especially true this weekend, as I'm about to recommend two exhibitions starting and finishing tomorrow.

A weekend of poetry

Tonight, Friday 12, at 6.30 pm, at the Portuguese Bookshop, in Macau, there will be wine and poetry — both in Italian. Francesco Navarrini, an Italian living in Macau, is presenting his poetry book Parolle alla Finestra — and you wouldn't want to miss it.

A weekend to dance

August is usually the best month to leave Macau on holidays. It's hot. It's rainy. And there's nothing to do. Yet, this weekend, don't despair. There are blue skies, the sun is shining and there is a chance to move your dancing feet.

A farewell music feast

Farewells are always sad. But they can also be a good time to celebrate the past. For this weekend I suggest you take the best of a farewell music festival as we wave goodbye to one of Macau's pearls. Local indie record store Pin-To Música is closing, after 10 years in business. But Anson Ng's team has managed to improvise and squeeze into his soon-to-close store nothing less than a Pin-To Música Festival.

Cinema and art

Art lovers in Macau, let me highlight two events for this weekend. The first one is the screening of four short films directed by Sim Seow Khee and selected by him, under the theme Spectors Under the Skin. The second one is a Sunday afternoon sale at Iao Hin Gallery.