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The Asian connection

The Asia Pacific Writers & Translators has been supporting writers in the region since 2005. Founder Jane Camens shared her thoughts with mART about the cultural richness and challenges of writing out of Asia.
Boat people

A safe haven

A story of former Vietnamese refugees in Macau sets the tone of “Boat People,” a documentary directed by Macau-based Filipa Queiroz and produced by Lina Ferreira.
rui zink

“I want the crisis to be over”

Rui Zink is a Portuguese author, translator, professor, opinion-maker and even a painter. In an interview with mART, he assumes himself as the first in many things, in his home country — the first one to open up creative writing courses, to complete an interactive online book and to write a book on the financial crisis.
marcelino freire

“No one silences a poet”

Brazilian authors Marcelino Freire, Felipe Franco Munhoz and Carol Rodrigues shared with the audience in Macau their thoughts on literature, on what makes them write and on their impressions of the city. But their mind was also back home.
poet Matilde Campilho

An act of freedom

The Flip — Paraty International Literary Festival described Portuguese poet Matilde Campilho as “one of the most interesting novelties in contemporary poetry”. ...
Jordi Puntí

“There’s quite a prejudice”

Author Jordi Puntí writes fiction in Spain, in Catalan language. In an interview with mART, the author tells how it is to write in a language that is still looked with "prejudice" in most of the country.
Liu Xinwu

“You have to go beyond the politics”

Chinese author Liu Xinwu is not afraid of censorship or government persecution, as he is already “an old man”. Yet, he believes his works today are not so widely distributed nor does he get awards, also because he continues to write whatever he wants.

Pessanha’s “many faces”

During a session about “The many faces of Camilo Pessanha”, under The Script Road – Macau Literary Festival programme, on March 12, a Chinese translation, by poet Yao Feng, of Clepsydra was launched.
Ricardo ADolfo

The “romanticism” that comes from the distance

Ricardo Adolfo is an Angola-born Portuguese writer, that has lived in Lisbon, Macau, London, Amsterdam and, now, Tokyo. In an interview with mART, he says that if he hadn't left Portugal, he wouldn't have started writing fiction.
Cristina Branco

“The Eastern audience is beyond loyal”

Performing on March 12, at the Macao Cultural Centre, Cristina Branco says she is bringing a "unique" concert — with a bit of her path with piano player and composer Mário Laginha, some songs by Chico Buarque an new themes for the album soon-to-be recorded, "Menina".
João Caetano

The good son returns home

Even though he is now playing in London, in the legendary acid jazz band Incognito, João Caetano doesn't forget his roots. Made in Macau and by Macau, he presents his solo work today, at the Cultural Centre.
Yao Shisan

Yao’s “strange” world

Chinese folk singer Yao Shisan is in Macau, as a guest of the The Script Road. Before going on stage tonight, he talked to mART on the strangeness of his lyrics, his next album and the musical scene in China.