Chen Xiwo

Mo Yan’s Nobel Prize sets a “bad example”

In a country that he believes has “no hope”, because democracy can only come with a revolution, Chen Xiwo says authors need to write the truth. To do otherwise, is wrong. Mo Yan's Nobel Prize sets a “bad example” for others.
Zheng Yuanjie

“You can’t force children to read”

“We need democracy” in the way we encourage children to read, Mainland China’s famous children’s books author Zheng Yuanjie said. He added parents should set an example.
Graeme Base

Creating layers of fun with a message

Best-selling English alphabet book Animalia, created by Graeme Base, now has a new version in Mainland China, that includes flip cards in Chinese. The Australian author discusses with mART the creative process behind his books.
The Script Road 2016

Four different literatures

Authors Un Sio San (Macau), Kang Chia-Hsien (Taiwan), Tang Siu Wa (Hong Kong) and Zhou Jia Ning (Mainland China) discuss the differences between the literatures, as a reflection of the place they're based at.
mu xinxin

Love and Tang Xianzu

Tang Xianzu died 400 years ago but some of his masterpieces still continue to impress audiences. Macau's author Mu Xinxin describes the acclaimed Chinese playwright in one word: "emotion".
illustuation_by a.C_03

Fighting for comic talents

Maple Studio is a non-profit organisation established in 2005. It aims to promote the animation and comic sector in Macau, encouraging creators “to continuously create and become professional”.
"Roulette City" is set against the backdrop of Macau’s burgeoning gambling industry.

Shooting Macau casino life

"Roulette City" director, Thomas Lim, will start shooting a new film in Macau, starting in April. Under the theme obsession, the story happens in the fringes of the casinos.
Image by João Monteiro

Órphão: A single edition magazine

In 1915, the first number of the magazine Orpheu – associated to the names of acclaimed writers Fernando Pessoa and Mário de Sá-Carneiro – was launched in Portu...
maboa liscau chauderlot creative macau

More than meets the eye

"Ma-boa Lis-cau" is the latest exhibition by Charles Chauderlot. The only artist to have been granted permission to paint in the restricted areas of the Forbidden City talks to mART about places and memories.
muted general

Will, instead of words

Route Arts Association’s play “Muted” humouredly portrayed scenes of the daily life of hearing-impaired people. It shows how, in communication, attitude is more important than language.