Ho Kin U

Integrating art with tourism

Ho Kin U says the locally based art fair Art Mo is much different than when it started, four years ago. In an interview with mART, the director of operations of Art Mo says they are now trying to draw collectors' attention to Macau, as an art destination.
rui zink

“I want the crisis to be over”

Rui Zink is a Portuguese author, translator, professor, opinion-maker and even a painter. In an interview with mART, he assumes himself as the first in many things, in his home country — the first one to open up creative writing courses, to complete an interactive online book and to write a book on the financial crisis.
Jordi Puntí

“There’s quite a prejudice”

Author Jordi Puntí writes fiction in Spain, in Catalan language. In an interview with mART, the author tells how it is to write in a language that is still looked with "prejudice" in most of the country.
Ricardo ADolfo

The “romanticism” that comes from the distance

Ricardo Adolfo is an Angola-born Portuguese writer, that has lived in Lisbon, Macau, London, Amsterdam and, now, Tokyo. In an interview with mART, he says that if he hadn't left Portugal, he wouldn't have started writing fiction.
Cristina Branco

“The Eastern audience is beyond loyal”

Performing on March 12, at the Macao Cultural Centre, Cristina Branco says she is bringing a "unique" concert — with a bit of her path with piano player and composer Mário Laginha, some songs by Chico Buarque an new themes for the album soon-to-be recorded, "Menina".
João Caetano

The good son returns home

Even though he is now playing in London, in the legendary acid jazz band Incognito, João Caetano doesn't forget his roots. Made in Macau and by Macau, he presents his solo work today, at the Cultural Centre.
Graeme Base

Creating layers of fun with a message

Best-selling English alphabet book Animalia, created by Graeme Base, now has a new version in Mainland China, that includes flip cards in Chinese. The Australian author discusses with mART the creative process behind his books.
"Roulette City" is set against the backdrop of Macau’s burgeoning gambling industry.

Shooting Macau casino life

"Roulette City" director, Thomas Lim, will start shooting a new film in Macau, starting in April. Under the theme obsession, the story happens in the fringes of the casinos.
Image by João Monteiro

Órphão: A single edition magazine

In 1915, the first number of the magazine Orpheu – associated to the names of acclaimed writers Fernando Pessoa and Mário de Sá-Carneiro – was launched in Portu...