The Script Road


“Nothing we do is pure”

Montreal-based author Madeleine Thien speaks to mART about China and her latest novel Do Not Say We Have Nothing, shortlisted for the 2016 Man Booker Prize. She speaks of history and revolutions to be, as well as of the long, self-disciplined yet liberating process of writing a novel.
Bruno Vieira Amaral2

“Fiction is going through a rough moment”

As Primeiras Coisas (The Former Things), by Bruno Vieira Amaral, has won some of the most prestigious literary awards in Portugal, but it is now about the become the past, as he prepares to launch in April his next romance. Titled Hoje Estarás Comigo no Paraíso (Today you will be with me in Paradise, in a free translation to English), this is a book inspired in a cousin's murder, which took place in Angola, more than 30 years ago.