Code of Ethics

We strive to report the truth, be accountable and transparent, as well as independent, maintaining at the same time the highest standards of journalism ethics. As an online cultural magazine, we obey to local, national and international copyright legislation.

Therefore, at mART:

We provide accurate work, verifying information before releasing it, providing context, gathering, updating and correcting information whenever needed;

We identify sources, reserving anonymity for those who may face any kind of harm;

We make a clear distinction between conjecture, opinion and fact;

We allow the right to respond to subjects of news coverage that were criticised or accused of any ill doing;

We do not plagiarize and we always attribute;

We never intentionally distort facts or context;

We admit mistakes and correct them;

We avoid conflicts of interest;

We refuse gifts, favours or anything that may compromise integrity or impartiality;

We do not pay for access to news;

We deny favoured treatment to advertisers, donors or any others special interests;

We make a clear distinction between advertising, news and hybrids;

We clearly identify sponsored content;

We provide a fair opportunity for reply to inaccuracies, apologising when it is called for;

We do not use undercover reporting or other surreptitious means to obtain the information;

We respond quickly to questions about accuracy, clarity and fairness;

We are independent and unbiased;

We will not be influenced by paid advertising in the coverage of news;

We avoid damaging references to race, colour, religion, gender, sexual orientation or to any illness or disability;

We avoid details regarding race, colour, religion, sexual orientation, physical or mental illness or disability, unless it is genuinely relevant to the story.