The shooting of the latest film by Singaporean director Thomas Lim, “Sea of Mirrors,” will start on April 7 and finish on April 27. The action takes place in the territory and will be entirely shot using an iPhone 6S.

“’Sea of Mirrors’ is a psychological thriller about a former Japanese star actress ‘Riri Kondo’ who travels to Macau with her young daughter Nana, to meet a rich investor who claims to be her fan and wants to invest in a movie with her in the lead,” according to a press release sent by the film company Island Man Pictures. “When she turns down the meeting after realising it involves offering sex, her daughter gets kidnapped. Helpless and desperate to find Nana, Riri is overwhelmed with obstacles, assistance, and romance from the different people she meets in Macau — and she must find a way to save her daughter before her growing obsession with the casino lights in the city pushes her to the brink of madness.”

Thomas Lim is the writer, producer and director, and counts with an international crew of actors, including Japanese actress Kieko Suzuki, who plays “Riri”; Macau-Australian actress Sally Victoria Benson, as flamboyant American actress “Isabel”; and Korean actor Jay Lim, as Korean investigator “Jang”. The team is currently casting for several roles, especially a Macau policeman called “Tido”.

This film will be entirely shot using an iPhone 6S, considering “the director and producers believe this is the camera that would first and foremost suit the visual texture of the story which the director envisioned”. In addition, logistically “it fits extremely well,” especially considering Japanese cinematographer Santa Nakamura’s experience in shooting with this equipment. “This decision has also led to a wonderful new collaboration with the largest Apple Premium Reseller in Macau ‘Original Technology’ and its newly formed retail initiative ‘Life by Original’ for sponsorship for nearly all our shooting equipment needs.” Director Thomas Lim hopes to lead “a new wave” of evolving filmmaking with the “rapidly improving technology,” in Macau.

Post-production will take place in Los Angeles. The film is expected to premiere late 2017 or early 2018.