The minister of Culture in Portugal, João Soares, has dismissed the president of the Belém Cultural Centre (CCB, the acronym in Portuguese), António Lamas, and nominated a new one. “The new president of the Belém Cultural Centre is Elísio Summavielle”, said a note from Mr Soares’ office.

Elísio Summavielle, 59 years old, is the former secretary of state for Culture and he is now adjunct for Mr Soares. With a bachelor degree in History, and being a militant of the Socialist Party, he has been in different public institutions.

António Lamas was nominated by the previous government, but minister João Soares had already given him an ultimatum, asking for his letter of resignation. Since the letter did not come, the current minister of Culture asked for his dismissal, according to the daily Portuguese newspaper Diário de Notícias.

CCB is the largest cultural centre in Portugal and probably the most reputed one, providing spaces for conferences, exhibitions and artistic venues (such as opera, ballet and symphony concerts).