Famous Portuguese artist Alexandre Farto aka Vhils has a new solo exhibition, in the neighbouring region. Presented by Hong Kong Contemporary Art (HOCA) Foundation, “Debris” will be open to the public until April 4, at Pier 4, Hong Kong Central.

According to the information in the artist’s website, the exhibition presents “a new body of multidisciplinary works,” as well as a “site-specific installation on one of the city’s iconic trams,” in circulation across the neighbouring region since March 19.

For “Debris”, HOCA has selected “iconic sites”, namely a moving tram and the ferry pier, to display works and installations that “reflect the breadth of the local cultural landscape”. Vhils used a variety of techniques, including drilling, billboard collages, neon light boxes and sculpture to present “an immersive experience”, deconstructing images that are already symbols of the city.

After having spent some time as an artist-in-residence in Hong Kong, Vhils has decided to feature “portraits, juxtapositions and imbrications of graphic and geometric elements, metropolitan patterns and motifs that form a reflection on how individuals are both shaped and help form the seemingly overwhelming urban environment they inhabit”. Prior to the opening of the exhibition, which was on March 21, the Portuguese artist also intervened in walls, in anticipation of “Debris”.