The Belém Cultural Centre (CCB, in the Portuguese acronym), in the Portuguese capital, Lisbon, will host a Camilo Pessanha Day, on March 5, as 2017 marks 150 years after the poet’s birth.

The event, organised in collaboration with Centro Nacional de Cultura, is dedicated “to the life and work” of Portuguese poet Camilo Pessanha (1867–1923), “a major name” of Portuguese literature, CCB says in a note published in its official website.

“He was admired by the Orpheu generation, notably influencing it in its word, its rhythm and its images, as said [authors] Fernando Pessoa and Sá-Carneiro,” CCB says. His work is today seen as “stronger and more important than its reference to the symbolist school,” it adds.

The programme for Camilo Pessanha Day — to be held between 3 pm and 7 pm — includes a poetry reading session, as well as several talks, including one about his relation to Macau, by Ana Paula Laborinho, António Graça de Abreu and António Osório.

Camilo Pessanha lived in Macau for almost half of his life. His book Clepsidra (1922) was translated to Chinese by Macau academic and poet Yao Jingming in a book launched at last year’s edition of The Script Road — Macau Literary Festival. The latter was partly dedicated to the Portuguese poet.