This year’s edition of Festival Todos — Caminhada de Culturas will be held at Colina de Santana, Campo Mártires da Pátria, in Lisbon, between September 8 and 11.

“We want to promote a programme that would be artistic-poetic and warm, familiar and festival, with surprises from all latitudes,” the organisers said today at the festival’s Facebook page, one month before the event.

The festival — which will be in its 8th edition next month — gathers theatre, circus, dance and musical performances, as well as exhibitions, photography and gastronomy. The festival is held under the slogan “Travel the world without living Lisbon”.

The festival’s programme has been conceived and produced by cultural association Academia de Produtores Culturais. The event is promoted by Lisbon’s City Council.

The detailed programme will be announced soon at the event’s page on Facebook.