The Arroios Film Festival will take place from July 1 to 8, in Arroios, Lisbon, and, up to April 30, is receiving short-feature film applications. Organised by the Parish Council of Arroios, the topic is inclusion.

According to the regulations, to be able to participate, you need to produce a film after January 1, 2000, lasting 30 minutes or less, coming from all countries. It can be fiction, documentary or animation.

The initiative was created with the goal of becoming a meeting point between different cultures and promoting a deeper knowledge of social inclusion issues, in the cinema sector, says a note in its website. “The Arroios Film Festival wants, through the seventh art, to alert consciences to the inclusion need. This is a short-feature film festival targeting all that do or are interested about cinema.” The topic is inclusion in its different features: economic, social, cultural, religious or others.

Arroios is a neighbourhood in Lisbon, characterised by its cultural diversity. With more than 80 nationalities spread through five continents, the purpose of the Parish Council of Arroios with this initiative, as stated in the website, is to reach everyone, without prejudice, accepting and trying to understand the cultural, religious, political and other differences.

The results will be announced in the end of May.