The exhibition Graphic City features a collection of deactivated printing types and signs of Lisbon in the 20th century, and is being held until March 18, at Convento da Trindade, in the Portuguese capital.

Graphic City is part of the MUDE Fora de Portas programme, an initiative by MUDE, Museum of Design and Fashion — Francisco Capelo Collection. As the museum’s building is temporarily closed for renovation, it has been organising exhibitions in other venues across the city and the country.

According to MUDE, the exhibition displays “a town heritage in extinction process”. The showcase was developed in partnership with Letreiro Galeria Project, “an initiative  aiming  to  preserve  the  deactivated  commercial  and  industrial  signs,  considered  cultural  heritage  and  the  town  graphics  memory”.

“MUDE  looks  at  Lisbon  from  the  advertising,  communication,  and  urban  culture  perspectives.  It,  therefore,  contributes  to  the  preservation  of  a  gathered  graphics  heritage  that urgently needs to be studied and enjoyed as a cultural memory common to all the Portuguese,” the organisers say.

The exhibition is curated by Rita Múrias and Paulo Barata.