The 7th Portuguese edition of Big Bang, a music and adventure festival targeting four to 12 year old children, takes place between October 21 and 22, at the Belém Cultural Centre.

The Big Bang 2016 features artists like Association Braslavie (France), Zonzo Compagnie (Belgium), Filipe Faria/Arte das Musas (Portugal), Eva Parmenter and Denys Stetsenko (Portugal), and Desbundixie (Portugal). “Big Bang is an international project, that started activity in 2010, and has opened room for Portuguese artists to create new artistic approaches to music for children,” according to a note sent to the press.

“This festival is an initiative by Zonzo Compagnie and aims at creating a meeting platform between composers, musicians, performers and their creating projects, Portuguese as well as European, so as to stimulate those who participate and to contribute for the development of production and the presentation of non-mainstream music for children.”