The Monument to the Discoveries (Padrão do Descobrimentos, in Portuguese), in Portugal’s capital Lisbon, will be hosting an exhibition by Mexican artist Demián Flores, from Saturday, January 7, to April 2.

Al Final del Paraíso (At the End of Paradise) is described by the organisers as “a graphic testimony of our time,” with “signs, symbols and images, both historic and political, as well as those of contemporary culture, to intermingle in a continuous process of transformation”.

The exhibition includes elements related to “national identity, memory and everyday life,” alongside other elements “such as satire and invective,” the organisers add.

In his art, Demián Flores uses different techniques and graphic languages. According to the organisers, Mr Flores’s work “is characterised by its ability to shock” and to do “cross-contamination between different spheres of cultural production and by its active dialogue with the socio-political context of his native land, in the south of Mexico”.