There is an exhibition titled Traços de uma Infância – Desenhos da Autoria de Crianças Refugiadas na Grécia (Traits of a childhood — Drawings by Refugee children in Greece, in a free translation to English) taking place until February 12, at Wozen Gallery, in Lisbon.

The exhibition features refugee children and their drawings. There is a 12-year-old Afghan boy who drew a boat with people at sea, portraying his own trip from Turkey to Greece, or the young Róman, who combined in a drawing his country Afghanistan and his favourite character, Sponge Bob.

The project was developed by André Naddeo with the support of volunteers. The Brasilian journalist spent 45 days volunteering around 2.000 refugees at Piraeus’ port, in Greece. He is the creator of the project Drawfugees and I Am Immigrant. He used his background as a video maker and content producer to give refugees a voice.

The exhibition was conceived by the project Drawfugees with the support of UNICEF Portugal.