There will be storytellers and poetry reading in metro and boat stations in Lisbon, Portugal, on Saturday, April 23, to celebrate the World Book Day.

This is “for users to enjoy book reading during their travel,” according to a press release issued by the Portuguese publishing group Leya, co-organiser, together with the public transportation companies Carris, Lisbon Metro and Transtejo.

On Saturday, at 9.30 am, there will be a storyteller in the metro station at Cais do Sodré and another one, at 3 pm, in the boat connection Cais do Sodré-Cacilhas. “In metro stations as well as in Transtejo’s stations there will be several children’s and juvenile’s literature mascots like the Bruxa Cartuxa, created by [Portuguese best-selling authors] Ana Maria Magalhães and Isabel Alçada, as well as Vampiro Valentim, created by Álvaro Magalhães and Carlos J. Campos, and the famous Ruca,” adds the press release. Such characters will be at 9.30 am, in the metro station at Cais do Sodré and, at 3.30 pm, in the boat connection Cais do Sodré-Cacilhas.

On Tuesday, April 26, 4.30 pm, there will be poetry reading and storytelling in the metro stations, between São Sebastião and Terreiro do Paço stations, and at 4.50 pm, in the boat connection between Terreiro do Paço and Barreiro.

The World Book Day is celebrated, since 1995, on April 23, by UNESCO’s decision. The date was chosen because on this day William Shakespeare and Miguel de Cervantes, two of the biggest writers of all times, died.