To celebrate Chico Buarque’s 70th anniversary, actors Claudio Botelho and Charles Möeller created a musical show for theatre and cinema based on the Brazilian singer’s songs. Two years after its première, the show “Todos os Musicais de Chico Buarque em 90 minutos” (All musicals from Chico Buarque in 90 minutes, in English) is going to Lisbon, on March 11 and 12, at Campo Pequeno.

Ten years after having launched “Ópera do Malandro” (The Street Hustler’s Opera, in English) the duo Botelho/Möeller goes back to Chico Buarque with a musical show that features some of the most famous songs from one of the best songwriters in Brazil.

On stage, Claudio Botelho, Soraya Ravenle, Malu Rodrigues, Estrela Blanco, Lilian Valeska, Renata Celidonio, Felipe Tavolaro and Rodrigo Cirne will perform some of his most representative themes, such as Samba do grande amor, Gota d´Água, Eu te amo or O que será. During 90 minutes, the actors will also perform some of the singer’s most remarkable compositions for theatre and cinema.